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Elite house on Issyk-Kul lake Elite house
on Issyk-Kul lake
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Site Design Ekaterinburg - D1.ru

Site Design Ekaterinburg
Design-studio D1.RU

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    Multilevel picturesque landscape design with waterproofing system on the whole area of the plot. As a result there are no streams flowing down the mountain slope and even pools after a rain.

  Flowering plants are selected in such way that flowers on the plot blossom since early spring till late autumn/winter. There are numerous plantings of palm trees and ornamental plants.

    There is an inventory certificate of green plantations which includes: 4 junipers (25-40 sm in diameter, 70 - 200 years aged), 4 nappy oaks (12 up to 20 sm in diameter, 45-70 years aged), 21 Crimean pine-trees (25-52 sm in diameter, 100-220 years aged), 5 high junipers (12-30 sm in diameter, 50-150 years aged). Total number of wood plants is 34. The plan of a plot with 34 plants is applied. There is also a list of other plants landed on the plot.

The plot is planned and trimmed by anti-landslide constructions - the walls of reinforced stone.

Security office is situated in a separate apartment with a bathroom, kitchen, is equipped by separate entrance to the back part of a court yard.

Autonomous water supply, heating, autonomous diesel-generating station, central system of the water drain.

Parking lot for a boat or a small yacht.

Two isolated garages with automatic doors.

There is a diesel power station " F.G. WilSon " (P4OP1) made in Great Britain, voltage 380/220 V. Current 51 A, resource 50000 mega/hour, capacity 32 kW. The reserve of diesel fuel - 176 litres, the charge - 7,4 l/i). With noise abatement all-weather cowl, it is not heard from the house. DGS is arranged on the capital base under a metal tile roof.

Wine cellar (total area 40 m2) is cut down in rocky breed and creates an illusion of an entrance to a cave. It is covered by tile of Italian manufacture with platinum. Casks of natural oak 50, 25 and 5 litres volume are located on special oak supports. The temperature level is maintained distantly by the powerful specialized conditioner "Futgitsu " from security office. The wine cellar entrance has the stylized ornament in the form of a grapevine and a fragment of rocks.

Owner's contacts +7 912 241 25 98
+7 912 684 21 66