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Elite house on Issyk-Kul lake Elite house
on Issyk-Kul lake
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Site Design Ekaterinburg - D1.ru

Site Design Ekaterinburg
Design-studio D1.RU

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Childrens playground The Childrens playground is covered by decorative lawn and framed by green fence of evergreen bush, there are two adult fan-shaped palm trees, magnolia, Chinese lilac, a composition of a date palm tree, a sandbox. There is a beautiful multipurpose sport children complex "Kettler".

Childrens playground The Childrens playground can be watched from balconies, owners bedroom, 1 floor drawing room. Adult rest zone (sauna, pool, barbecue) is not visible for children.

Pool Yalta The pool has the following list of water attractions: counterflow, waterfalls, hydromassage, jacuzzi with hydromassage.

Pool bowl and jacuzzi is cased by turquoise-blue fine ceramic tile, it gives the water pleasant sea color. Pool parapet is trimmed by natural stone (pebble), the effect of sea coast is created.

The Pool is equipped by: modern system of an automatic filtration, clearing, ozonization, water-preparation of " Dimotek " (Germany). The equipment of this company is applied in class "Premium" hotels all over the world. The installation is mounted in December, 2005, is on warranty service. Pool complex is warmed up separately from a sauna boiler of Czech company " Proterm ". The heating of pool and jacuzzi water is carried out separately, it allows to create various effects by keeping different temperature in them.

Leisure house Yalta

The leisure house is located in the distance from the main house in a woody corner hidden from extraneous eyes. Total area is 50 m2. It is made of a shell rock, cased by decorative stone with inserts of butt-end reducting log, with metal tile roof. There is a sauna inside cased by noble wood species, separated by transparent tight glass door. Shower room, bathroom, individual gas mini-boiler "Proterm". The rest room is equipped by big fireplace, video-audio system, leather furniture in Swiss "chalet" style, panoramic windows and wide sliding glass doors with a view and entrance to the pool, park zone and barbecue.

Barbecue zone Yalta

"Barbecue" zone is located near the pool and leisure house, forms with them a leisure complex. The master has built not simply a place for shish kebab preparation but a masterpiece of brick and forged elements. The barbecue is situated under a roof with individual illumination, with a place for meat cutting, centralized water supply and water drain. From the "barbecue" zone we can see the sea, the nature of the garden with rocky elements and strawberry glade. Edible mushrooms grow near the "barbecue" zone in summer.

Place of active leisure Yalta

The place of active leisure consists of a small house for rest located in a shadow of the pines, equipped by sauna, big fireplace, entrance to covered 12 meter pool with a sliding roof. The pool is equipped by jacuzzi, water heating, wave and current effect, other effects.

Owner's contacts +7 912 241 25 98
+7 912 684 21 66