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Issyk-Kul Lake

Northern and southern coasts

The northern coast is more inhabited and has a more developed infrastructure than the southern coast. Most sanatoriums are located on the northern coast. However, there are very good reasons why some people, including myself, prefer the south. First, on the southern coast there are many fewer people, both locals and vacationers, than the crowded north. The south has no more than a dozen sanatoriums and resorts, and these were built in Soviet times at higher standards as they were meant not for the general public but for army officers or sportsmen. Overall prices are cheaper on the southern coast and locals seem friendlier and less commercialized. Nature in the south is truly virgin. Finally, the Kungei Alatau mountains come very close to the southern coast, so you can combine hiking and bathing in one day. At the lake, there are companies that arrange treks, one-day hikes, and horse-back riding trips for travelers.

Issyk Kul - Stones

What to do at the Lake

Of course, bathing is fun by itself but there are other things you can do or see to make your stay more memorable.

1. Go yachting. The yacht club is located near Cholpon Ata

Issyk Kul - Chaika

2. Go to see petroglyphs near Cholpon Ata. No, this is not a slip of the pen. Tamgaly Tas and the Ili river are not the only places in Central Asia where petroglyphs are found!

3. Visit Grigorievskoye gorge. This gorge is famous for its length and wild beauty. It is one of the main gorges through which hikers from Almaty come to the lake. Along the road in the gorge, there are many yurtas with mainly national Kyrgyz and Kazakh dishes on the menu. Do not resist the temptation to ride a horse when offered. You can hire a taxi to get to the gorge. It is within an hour's ride from Cholpon Ata.

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